We'd be  happy to arrange a consultation at your place of business at a time that is convenient for you. During this first, no obligation hour, we will explore your needs expressed in the following questions:

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

What do I hope to achieve through my online business - intent, goals & expectations?

Do I really want to market & advertise my products or services on the internet?

Do I want to conduct business online or just establish my business name and identity?  How can I protect my business name and Identity?

What image do I want to project for that identity?

What overall look and character do I want for my Web Site? (Casual, Professional, High-Tech, Conservative, New Age, etc. )

What would be the overall volume and type of text content, graphic imagery, photos, interactive forms? (An online catalog could contain hundreds of products with photos while a law index would have none).

What type of interactive functions for transacting business and gathering or disseminating information  do I want ?

Do I want to include a customer survey, a registration, application or an estimate request form?

What bells and whistles do I want at my site? Animated graphics or text? Sound & video clips?

What sites do I really like on the Web? (Collect the addresses. )

What is my budget?









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