How We Work

FREE Fact-finding
During a 1 hour no obligation interview, we will try to determine your overall business goals and the intent and purpose of your web site. This would include marketing, site promotion needs, preferences, specifications, expectations and budget range.

Written Proposal
Based on this one hour complimentary interview, we offer a strategic overview of the site plan, the estimated cost, and time line for fulfilling your design.  Your  needs will be put into a written proposal. This would detail the  design, content, interactive functions and various options with terms included.

Down Payment
Upon acceptance of our proposal, we require a down payment of 50% of the total cost of the project to authorize the design and development of your site.

Design & Development
During the initial brainstorming phase of development, we create preliminary design concepts, sketches and mockups incorporating the look (colors & graphics),  with the navigational hierarchy and flow (the layout & path) based on your specifications, preferences and technical options.

Watch Your Site Come To Life
In a special nonlinked area on the Internet, you can watch your site be developed. You can e-mail your changes and corrections as you notice them. Have your friends visit your developing site and get their comments.

Beta Testing  
During this phase, your site will be launched on the Internet. The final changes can be made before we promote your site to all the world. When you are satisfied that everything is working, we start your web promotions by listing, linking and sending press releases.

Training                                                                                                        After your site is up and running and working as it should, we can set up templates and train you to maintain your pages.  We will show you how to make changes, add new pages, and keep content current.   We will can also teach you how to promote your site and share strategy  that will  keep visitors coming back.                                                                                               














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