Praise and Endorsements


Curled Up With A good book - Review by: Lucinda Tart The secret of these immigrant families and the inhumane treatment of them, comparable only to the times of indentured servants and slavery, has never before been revealed as well as Sukle does in her book.


WOMEN WRITERS REVIEW - Review by: Barbara Bamberger Scott Sukle’s book is well researched and her dialogue rings true to the accent and the feeling of those fraught times.   It is a praiseworthy effort and one expects to see more of Sukle as a writer/historian. 

THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW - Reviewer: Henry Berry  ...With dialogue, scenes, she enters the stressful family lives of the miners and their wives...

BOOKLOONS - Reviewer: Mary Ann Smyth  ...The Ragman's War recounts a shameful piece of our past ... a hard one to read.

PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE: …Sukle’s research is sound, and she deftly adopts the voices of the families she profiles.

review by Jack P. Wise B.S., M.S.  ... A comparison comes immediately to mind: The Grapes of Wrath of the coal mines.

Daily News, McKeesport, PA - Reviewer: David Sallinger  ...The reality is worse than the fiction, and prompts the reader to want to know more...

Chrimsonbird - Reviewer: Mike Lepore  ...The book is based on historical facts and presented realistically..

Detroit Reviewer:Sukle's book is heartrending. The movement from chapter to chapter is excellent, and the narrative comes to such a dramatic climax at the end.  The chapter on the distribution of Christmas gifts brought me to tears…

Amazon Reviewer:…Sukle illuminates the human heart and the strength of character shown by people in challenging conditions. reviewer: …An absolute masterpiece of reincarnating the chronicle of an era of workers' solidarity which a segment of society wished would somehow vanish.




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