Suggested Interview Questions for R. S. Sukle

Author of Miner Injustice the Ragman’s War



1.       Can you give us a brief summary of your book?


2.       What interested you in the Pennsylvania coal strikes?


3.       How much of the material was taken from actual history?


4.       What kind of special research was involved in writing the book?


5.       What does the phrase “Bucket of Blood” refer to?


6.       Give us some insight into the conditions that the coal miners experienced in Russellton.


7.       People typically remember this era as the prosperous “Roaring 20’s.”  Do you think this is a misconception?


8.       In The Ragman’s War, you detail the exploitation of European immigrant workers.  How do you think this differs from US companies using cheap labor in foreign countries today?


9.       How has the nature of coal mining changed since the 1920’s?


10.   What were some of the most startling things that you learned from your research?


11.   What are the most important things The Ragman’s War has to say about the coal unions of the 1920’s?


12.   What function do you think unions serve today?


13.   Why do you think the 1927 strike was a significant event in labor history?


14.   Why do you think it was not more heavily documented in the history books?


15.   What message would you like readers to get out of The Ragman’s War?


16.   The ending of the book left me wanting to know more.  Do you have plans for a sequel?


17.   Do you have anything else to add?




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