"ÖSukleís research is sound, and she deftly adopts the voices of the families she profiles..."

Born in Gloucester City, New Jersey, R.S. Sukle grew up listening to her fatherís amazing stories about his life as a coal miner and organizer for the United Mine Workers. When Sukle was 21, he confessed to her of having been a member of the Communist party. He also served as a secretary for the International Workers Order, where he met such notables as Paul Robeson, Langston Hughes and Marion Anderson, who pulled him into the civil rights movement of the early 1940ís.During the peak of the McCarthy Era, he was forced to take his family to the wilds of Western Pennsylvania, where neither the Communist party nor the FBI could find him. 

Inspired by her fatherís fascinating life, Sukle set out to pen a biography. After delving into the history of Russelton, Pa. and listening to his alarming stories about the harsh coal mine conditions and the ensuing company brutality, she felt compelled to shift gears and focus on the true, untold story of the 1927-28 strike. Growing up near Russellton, Sukle had direct access to people who actually lived through the legendary strike.After researching newspaper archives, collecting notes from area residents and compiling her fatherís stories along with preserved family letters, Sukle was able to create a powerful historical fiction, Miner Injustice the Ragmanís War.††    

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