What is Giclée?

Giclée (zhee-clay) is  French meaning 'to spray ink'. A giclée print is a digitized art image that is printed on a high resolution, inkjet printer. This merger of art and science has created a new kind of fine art print that brings revolutionary  flexibility to the limited edition print market.

Giclée prints are produced by an ink jet printing process that uses the incredible power of the ink jet printer. What began as a search for a more flexible means of producing limited edition prints has been refined and improved. Today's fine art print collectors as well as galleries and museums recognize Giclée prints by their exquisite color and fine detail. A print can now look as good as an original.
Simply put- artwork is scanned into a computer - the image is  proofed - prints are made on demand.

Once an image is digitized and archived, additional reproductions can be made with minimal effort and cost. Since printing is done on demand the up-front cost of mass production is eliminated.

For the first time, artists can get what is essentially an art sales breakthrough - risk-free limited editions. No minimums are required. You can order only one print or the entire edition. This is good news for artists working with oils or acrylics on canvas or watercolors on paper. For artists producing computer generated art giclée printing offers an effective way to exhibit and sell the art.

This reproduction process is uniquely suited for fine artists as well photographers. The possibilities are endless! For example, prints can be hand finished by the artist with acrylics or oils, thus making them one of a kind prints.

Another advantage to giclée printing is that artwork can be reproduced to almost any size and on various media, giving the artist the ability to customize prints for a specific client.

Image permanence is a concern to artists and collectors. At ImageSpirit  we use “Generations” pigmented inks from Media Street which are very stable, giving fade & color shift resistance of better than 100 years under average indoor light conditions when proper fine art paper and canvas is used (as claimed by the manufacturer).



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