The Process

At ImageSpirit Giclée Printing we work with you to get the prints that you want.  We do this by personal contact either in person, by phone, fax, this website,  e-mail, snail mail or whatever is needed. 

Image Capture:

ImageSpirit Giclee Printing Service has the ability to create  reproductions by  scanning original work work up to 17” x 33”,  photographic transparencies, the actual photos, or by directly reading your digital image computer files. Larger paintings are digitally photographed.   Digital files should be submitted on a Zip disk ( which will be returned) or files zapped to us via the internet.

Image Editing:

After capturing your image, we take the time to make sure that the digital image is as close as possible to your original.  We can even arrange for an additional fee to alter colors, remove undesirable marks, and make other image changes.   Once we are satisfied we will run a series of test proofs for you to look at on the media of your choice.  After corrections are made and you are satisfied we will archive your file to CD-ROM so we can retrieve your perfectly preserved artwork for future print orders..  No runs are done until after all corrections are made and approved by you.

Image Printing: 

After you have chosen your art paper or canvas, viewed the proofs, and approved any corrections.  Your image will be printed with non-fading "Generations" pigmented ink by Media Street on the paper of your choice, the size that you request (up to 17" X 22" max.), in the amount that you need. We use Acid Free fine art papers that are specifically formulated and coated for extreme brilliance when imaged with GENERATIONS Inks; able to obtain 1440 dpi: and available in Concord Velvet, Royal Plush, Royal Weave and Royal Riviera surfaces. Coated artist grade canvas and silk fabric are also available as wall as photopaper and cardstock.


Your prints will shipped promptly by UPS or Priority Mail whichever you request.


Once your files are archived and you have established an account with us you may reorder any amount of reprints that you want by phone, fax, or through this web site.   If you wish to change the type of paper or media we will have to go through a reproofing process at an extra fee.